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Campsie is home of the original Raw Geode Candle - inspired by the Amethyst crystals left behind by volcanic activity at the Campsie Fells. Our candles are hand poured in small batches in Scotland. The candles showcase the raw beauty of mineral crystals, each one is unique and will vary in the shape and style of geode. 

The candles are made in a three pour process from mineral wax, a section is carved out and they’re decorated by hand with quartz glass to create the geode effect. All in, the candles take about a week to make from first pour to final touches. The decorative crystal is a really interesting material to work with, traditionally it’s used by glass makers to create plates or vases and put through a hot furnace. When the material is used in the candle, you can see it in its raw form, however as the candle burns down it fuses into an amazing stained glass window effect. Leaving you with a gorgeous piece of art at the end of your candle that you can keep.

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